“I am a big fan of romanticizing moments and stories: Making the mundane exciting. Calling every morning cup of coffee the best. Embracing when you feel the warm sun. Laughing till your cheeks hurt. Dancing like no one is watching. Making a perfectly-baked cake. Reaching the mountain peak. The little moments that aren't so little, are the ones that life's about. Let's keep 'em forever.”


ahh you're here♡

What da heck does living wildly mean? In short terms, I think it means whatever you want it to mean. But when I think of "living wildly" I think of running barefoot through a field of wildflowers as fast as you freaking can. Smiling up at the sky with the warm sun on your face, having the time of your life without a worry in the world. You’re in this beautiful place, your soul is on fire, and you’re your true and elaborate self. It's how I want working together to feel just like it.



I don't believe that we run into people by accident, I believe every person + connection happen for a reason.

+ I LOVE...

My husband

Pizza and ranch ALWAYS


Pale ales + wildflowers


Freshly brewed coffee

Anything salty

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Photography has been my little slice of heaven for so many years now. It's my safe space, my creative outlet, my passion and favorite hobby. To me taking photos is so much more than delivering a gallery. It's about the real connection, lots of trust, and finding a friend.

I keep sessions efficient, but with so much comfort and joy you forget I am even capturing it. Loose. Intimate. Maybe a little wild cause why not. Creative in your organic storytelling way. Filled with genuine and natural posing, guidance, and flow. You aren't in front of my lens to be models, you are in front of my lens to be authentically you, and I plan to capture JUST that. All you need to do, is show up, and I'll take it from there!

As your friend, who joins your story for a short (or long while) to capture your love for what it is, + have a little (lots) of fun, I am so freaking excited to connect with you!


You may meet him as he stars as my second photographer every now and then. He repeatedly knocks it out of the park. Sometimes I can't help but give him a WTF nudge when he shows me a sneak peek look at a fantastic angle I missed...like not fair dude, but I love you.

The photos below are from our wedding day early November of 2022. I finally got to marry the man of my dreams, in the pouring rain, on a beach in Costa Rica with a lot of our favorite people.

It was exhilarating and so perfectly imperfect as it poured buckets on our wedding day while we stood at the altar, and then danced on the beach. We were drenched. Not only by the water but in a ridiculous amount of love. Sometimes you have to take life's best as it comes and embrace it because those moments aren't coming back (photos are by my lovely BFF @mollyjo.photo).